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Any idiot can face a crisis

Its that day-to-day living that wears you out

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Chris is in love with a certain fox, shutaro at the moment. :3 He's a happy, blissfully in love orca. You should see the orca talk about his fox. ^.^



Where to begin?

If you haven't guessed it already, Chris loves orcas to death, for good reason.

Chris is an anthro-orca. Special one at that.

Where to begin? Chris is like an average anthro orca, comming in at 6'1" and 225 lbs. He has a 10" dosal near the base of his neck along his spine, with a nice grey saddle patch right beneath it. He doesn't have a chisled, rock-hard body, seeing as he has a thin layer of fat, a.k.a. blubber, covering his entire body, smoothing out his muscles into a softer shape. His belly is white, which flows down his tail to the fluke, which is also white on the bottom. White patches also extend a bit down the inner part of his legs, originating at the crotch. The soles of his feet, as well as the palms of his hands, are smooth and white. His eyes are not too large and are framed by a well-defined brow, and shielded above by two white, oval eyepatches. The white from his belly extends up his neck to his lower jaw, just as an Orca's markings should. A somewhat cute about Chris is that when he blushes, his eyepatches blush as well.

Personality-wise, Chris tries hard to be the happy one. In furson, you'll often see him with a broad, happy smile on his face, trying to bring others some of the happiness he feels being with friends. He is far from an exhibitionist, but loves snuggling and really big hugs, not to mention giving and taking a periodic pounce! As a rule of thumb, Chris is hard-pressed to judge others, seeing as people he stereotyped or otherwise judged in the past have come out to be some of his best friends.

Since he was a young pup, Chris has loved inflatables and pooltoys. He collects them now, and is (obviously) very intersted in orcas! In fact, even at school, he manages to be able to sleep with one in his bed, on top of him, every night. (The orca in which he does this with ["Keiko"] has become so popular that there is talk of several others on the floor purchasing one, and Chris even gave his roommate one!) To him, the bigger and cuter it is, the better. Someday, he'd like to commision some sort of huge, +10 foot long inflatable orca to cuddle with!

Chris also maintains a website, the largest private English-speaking Ace Combat Community on the web. This semester, he has taken two introductory programming courses where he has learned the basics of Java (a choice language), C, and Assembly. He also has certification in Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and 3DS Max.


Chris attended Antioch High School in Antioch, California, from 2002-2006, graduating 10th of 541 with Honors and a GPA of 3.90, unweighted (Chris is boisterously proud of this fact). His Senior year, he and his best friend caught the attention of the administration and they were allowed to maintain the school website for their year, also initiating the first school website matience team: an actual class run by the school now. Chris' interest in Dance Dance Revolution spawned his Freshman year when a few fellas in gym brought up the subject: now he owns two dance pads and every PS2 version of DDR made, not to mention over 230 tracks and 7 and a half hours of DDR music. Chris also took up Golfing in High School, starting his Sophomore year as an absolute noob and comming out his senior year as the Team Captain (yet ANOTHER fact which Chris is proud of). Lastly, Chris also recieved his Eagle Scout Award of the Boy Scouts of America the last day he was eligible for it. Now Chris is done bragging!

Since he was a Child, Chris has loved orcas. His first memory was that of the Dolphin show in Sea World, Orlando, a place he hasn't been to in over 15 years, but at the same time a place he loves. When Free Willy came out, Chris couldn't get enough of it. That was closely followed by the Free Willy cartoon, a show in which Chris would structure his life about for the brief season it was running.

At the age of 7, Chris' parents bought him his first huge inflatable whale for their pool, and Chris had been addicted to the vinyl creatues ever since, amassing a collection of more than 35 pieces in the last 2 years (of course, without his parents knowing).

And, at the age of 14 (ask him for the exact date: he still remembers!) he found out how magical of a place the internet is without your parents knowing what you're doing. Although he did not find furries initially, he was exposed to aspects of the culture. That day more than 4 years ago was, in fact, the day he found out that there were others out ther fond of inflatable animals; it would be another year until he found the furry culture.

Almost exactly a year later, Chris stumbled across two things in the same day: calafin's website about furry orca/dolphin art, and terminotaur's furry art site. Of course, initially, he found it strange, almost as all do, but he was drawn to it in a way he can't explain.

Not too long later, he finally "came out" online: he joined a community and began talking with others who collected inflatables as well. He then noticed an interesting pattern: a considerable number of them were furries, and they weren't what he expected. In fact, furry was one of the nicest, most accepting groups he had ever had the pleasure of finding. Over the course of the next 8 months, he prodded and looked around furry. Initially, he just RPed for fun as an anthro orca. Then, in Janurary 2006, he became the white wolf "catch22," only to realize it didn't fit him. Chris officialy became an orca in March, 2006, and he hasn't looked back since.